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Rails Review - Helper Methods

I was going back over a lot of Rails stuff this week to refresh. I have been so deep in React, JavaScript, GraphQL etc etc. over the past weeks I felt it was time to step back to the back end and go over some Rails.

Podcast guide

I have been having some computer issues this week so as I watch the updates go by in my terminal I have been listening to some of my favorite code related podcasts. I thought I would share a few…

Looking at GraphQL

This week I had a code challenge that involved using GraphQl with Apollo in conjuction with React at the front end. It is a LOT to pick up, so I thought I would share some of the links I came across while trying to figure it all out. This is far from comprehensive - just a couple code alongs I found super helpful as I tried to wrap my head around the post restful api idea .

Deploying to Heroku

This week I needed to deploy an app I had built to Heroku. The app was had a React/Redux front end that communicated to a Rails API backend.

Breadcrumb trails to save your sanity

I had a code challenge to complete this week. I decided to build it out using React/Redux on the front end with a Rails API on the back end for persistence. One of the problems I often run into building out a front end with React/Redux is following the data flow.. which values are going where at what point can be a bit of a challenge. Making sure the correct data is being passed through props and other components are updating state can be like untying a knotted up thread.