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My thoughts on the Long and Winding Road... to code

Quick Tip Corner - Mobile Browser Emulator

I have been building responsive layouts for a site I’m making. I would keep dropping into developer mode in Chrome, switching to mobile, and use the drop down to test various mobile sizes to make sure my layouts were still working okay.

2 cool Lodash tricks

I have been recently playing around with Lodash. Lodash is a JavaScript library of utility methods. It takes common, often repeated methods we use in JavaScript and simplifies them and in a lot of cases adds funtionality. Using Lodash can greatly reduce boilerplate code and get rid of side effects (think functional programming ! )

Using .reduce( ) to avoid a loop within a loop

I was recently given the following white boarding challenge :

Conditionals with React-Spring

I have been using the excellent React-Spring for animations on a portfolio site I’m building. I wanted to create some conditions for certain slides. For example the first slide in the component would not have a back button, but the second would.

A Quick Tip on Linking Images in React

I’m buiding up a portfolio site and ran across a problem that took me some digging to figure out. I thought I would share what I learned.